Nitai Jahnavi Water Pastimes in Ekachakra

The Topmost Bhakti Yoga in Creation


How to Count Your Practice?

I don’t just count the mechanical number of my rounds!

My timer counts the exact minutes I am right there in the nityalila with Them in Dhyan!!!

And that count for me personally should be for at least 6 hours (2 prahars) daily to satisfy and ensure the full safety of my soul a little bit!!!!!

Nitai Jahnavi Water Pastimes in Ekachakra

The Instant Fix for Deeper Meditation

Right-nostril breathing 😮‍💨 (Surya Bhedana Pranayama) = Remembrance with the vividest nityalila visions by activating the right visualizing brain!!! 👁

Left-nostril breathing (Chandra Bhedana Pranayama) = Blank mind (totally hate it) with great analytical efficiency and multi-tasking in day to day activities due to activating the left analytical brain. (👎 for me)

Because however perfectly you perform materially in this life, you are going to live all of that behind when you die.

Hence I want to literally live to breathe only with my right nostril 😮‍💨 while lying down in deep nityalila dhyan 24/7, and not even for breathing with my right nostril while living, hehe. 

Why? Simple. Because nityalila smaran, dhyan, sphurti, darshan vina nishphal jivan i.e. life is fruitless without seeing the nityalila at every second because that is our only eternal home 🏡 and destination.

sndt: nityalila sukhamoy, sadai (24/7) sphuruka more mane 👀

Warning: You may become totally aloof, apathetic, and inefficient in your day-to-day practical activities by too much right-nostril breathing 😮‍💨 unless you balance it by doing left-nostril breathing just before starting your day-to-day work.

Fortunately, the corresponding brain activation can be reversed pretty nostril by doing the respective nostril 👃 breathing. Gently pressing below the nasal bone to close the other nostril is the only way to do pure single nostril breathing.

PS. I can only conclude that those who are not getting any dhyan visions in the practices of the always offenseless and kripa-siddha Nitai Bhakti for one and all, are most certainly breathing very shallowly and feebly through their right-nostril.

So the universal fix of practicing surya-bhedana pranayama (slowly inhaling and exhaling both through the right nostril very slowly and deeply) ideally sitting over the freshest negative-ionized air of a Sharp plasmacluster airpurifier should activate their right brains and start giving dhyan darshans to even them within no time.

Remember Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, etc. repeatedly state that pranayama is compulsory for entering deep meditation on the Lord. And the Suryabhedana Pranayama is the evergreen facilitator of instant Ekachakra nityalila dhyan visions in any condition of our consciousness.

Nitai Bhakti is the Offenseless Manjari Bhakti

The Topmost Bhakti is the whole creation, which even the most fallen souls can practice


By Bhakta Anmol

Gurudeva whole world is crazily running after manjari bhav

But i think in kaliyuga only you have brought forth the real path to radha dasyam

Nitai bhakti is higher than radha bhakti in my realization….

As Manjaris are higher than Radharani being faithful servants and are non different from radhe at the same time

This tattva is very advanced…gurudeva your teachings are par excellence….i have fully realised this now…

Real path to radha dasyam is gupt vrindavan in ekachakra….ananga manjari home

We are doing manjari worship which is the real path to radha dasyam or we can say radha bhakti…

Manjari bhakti ki jai🥺 Very beautiful teachings…highest in kaliyuga….

This is the highest possible way of bhakti rasa.

The Temporary and Illusory Dream of Misery

Do you try to find a job in your dream 🛌? No, because you know whatever money you will earn in a dream is only a “paper” dream and you will never be able to carry that fake money into your real life when your dream breaks.

Do you make a family 👨‍👩‍👧 or increase your responsibilities in a dream? No, because you know that when your dream will break you will again be alone with none of the illusory family members you made in the dream.

This is exactly what happens at death. Our soul is dreaming of our illusory life right now in this unreal material world. After death, it will find itself totally alone once again for its onward journey.

Our soul has experienced this so many times over and over again in unlimited past births and deaths. But still it wants to keep on chewing the chewed zillions of times.

Do you try to improve your life in the toilet 🚽?

No, you know that this illusory phantasmagoria is only for temporary use so you just keep it very basic and simple without increasing your attachments, responsibilities, entanglements, and possessions and try to quickly finish and get out of there as fast as you can!!!

This is exactly how you should act in this material world which is dukhalayam ashashvatam… a temporary house of infinite misery and padam padam yad vipadam ma tesham… and where there is extreme danger at every step, not just for your body but also for your soul.

God Says

“I have given you a rare developed mind in this human life which I have not given to any other animals.

“So if you don’t think of Me 24/7 with this advanced mind I have given you and thereby attain Me, but instead only tax your mind to improve your animalistic propensities of eating, sleeping, mating, defending, and enjoying matter; then I will easily take away this mind from you and again turn you into a brainless animal like before after your death, simply because you used the most precious diamond 💎 I gave you (the human mind) only for scratching your itches better.”

The Thermometer

You should know that you are truly getting the higher tastes of the spiritual world by seeing how much disdainful you are becoming of the lower tastes of this material world.

Lochan das: “I spit at even the slightest thought of material pleasure after I started relishing the infinite pleasure in singing Nitainam.”

How to Share

You should be very careful about the time duration of your exposure to the material energy. You may start with good intentions at first but Maya will gradually degrade your intentions if you stay exposed for long hours.

So if you want to share Nitai’s love online or offline, quickly share it and then get out of there as fast as you can and go back to your Ekachakra Dhyan. I myself finish it in just 5-10 mins and go back to my Ekachakra Dhyan.

Never stay exposed to the carcinogenic radiations ☢️ of the material energy for long periods at a stretch, whether it is for sharing or for work etc., otherwise Maya will pull you down into very deep bottomless abysses of the material energy.

What will you gain even if you get 10 million viral views or followers for a Nitai video or channel online but you yourself are not thinking of Nitai deeply for more than 10 mins daily? It is like gaining the whole world but losing your own soul.

Only go for it if you can do it after thinking of Nitai for long hours first. Preaching without practice is like pounding empty husk or trying to milk a milkless cow.

Many celebrities, who have millions of followers on social networks or fans in real life, themselves live depressed personal lives not knowing the real goal of their lives.

The Poor, Lone, Defeated Sannyasi

Why why why am I perhaps the lone sannyasi or gaudiya preacher in this world highlighting these secretly hidden truths which no devotee wants to hear?

I guess it is the all-powerful Maya who does not want a single devotee to even read or know about these truths what to speak of doing something about them. maya-mugdha jiva tar na kare vichar (ndm)

Srila Prabhupada in Cc 1.8.31:

“There are offenses to be considered in chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra… If one chants the Hare Krishna maha-mantra but his life is still full of sinful activities, it will be 🔥 very difficult for him to achieve the platform of loving service to the Lord.”

“Unless one is very fortunate, he should not be induced to worship Radha Krishna directly. A neophyte student who is not sufficiently educated or enlightened 🔥 should not indulge in the worship of Sri Radha and Krishna or the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. Even if he does so, he cannot get the desired result.”

The Runaway Rebels

In Kaliyuga, we willingly choose to run away from Ekachakra’s nityalila at every moment (sb 11.5.34: maya-mrgam dayitayepsitam anvadhavad).

We can instantly think of any beautiful nityalila sthalis in Nitya Ekachakra and our Kishor Kishoris for long hours simply by reclining and breathing only with our right nostril.

But still we choose to think of and do something else at every moment in our lives janiya suniya vish khainu.

This is the very summit of all apathy and ungratefulness for the unconditional and rarest gifts of Nitai to us.

Hence our eternal life remains quite near (just one thought away) yet so very far and elusive.

Fool vs Scholar

In all the complex and intricate philosophy and practices of Bhakti, we end up forgetting the only one instruction of the Lord which really matters, “Man manaa - Always Think of Me”.

So a person who has no knowledge of Bhakti but always thinks of the Lord somehow is infinitely better than one who has all the theoretical knowledge of Bhakti but wastes away his or her time in other thoughts, even if that is for the excuse of serving or preaching for the Lord.

Pure, true, and unmixed service and preaching will never make us forget Him even for a moment but actually force us to remember Him even more intensely.

Always remember how the boatman told the scientist that even though he has correctly predicted the storm with the exact direction and velocity of the wind due to his immaculate scientific knowledge, he will still be drowning to death in his watery grave simply because he does not know how to swim practically when their boat turns upside down due to the storm in a short while.

So please focus more on actual constant remembrance because that is the very reason why we do any kind of spiritual practice in the first place.